A SIMPLE CASE – A Debt recovery of £27,000: We charged £2,200 plus VAT and disbursements.

When Elsie’s then partner Tim* lost his job and encountered difficulties keeping up with his mortgage, Elsie lent him some £30,000. Tim later got a new job, but the relationship had by then come to an end. After repeated requests by Elsie, Tim repaid £3,000. Elsie finally came to us for assistance. This was a simple matter, although one that was delayed by Tim’s initial disinclination to respond effectively. We obtained a summary judgment, which was turned over to High Court enforcement officers, who obtained settlement of the judgment sum in full. Our bill was just £2,200 plus VAT and disbursements.

The reasons the bill was relatively small were:

  • Elsie’s claim was very simple
  • The whereabouts of the defendant, Tim, was known
  • The claim was admitted and not effectively contested
  • Although there were delays, because of Tim’s behaviour, and more correspondence as a result, the whole matter was relatively swift (8 months)
  • Enforcement was easily achieved without the need for further enforcement action, such as an application for a charging order on Tim’s share of a property that he owned jointly with another.

In addition to our bill there were disbursements of £1,446, which, being court fees, did not attract VAT. They would be the same at any firm. They were made up of:

  • Court claim fee of 5% of the claim, £1,350
  • Court fee of £30 for Summary Judgment
  • Court fee of £66 to obtain writ of control (to enforce judgment).

*Please note that the names and some facts of the case have been changed to protect anonymity.